Sunrise Over Old Barn in Franklin NC 28734

Never content with simply documenting a particular scene, I’ve spent my most enjoyable time with photography, fulfilling a concept.  First envisioning the idea of the final work and then working both physically and digitally to bring it to life.


legofightWhile building with my 5-year-old, he came up with a grandiose tale of battle between his dragon and monkey.  With some careful setup and computer magic, we created this kinetic slice of the great tale he told.


BarnColoringAn interior designer came to me and asked me to photograph some local historic barns.  But for her decorating concept she wanted them, “colored like an Andy Warhol painting.”  Early one morning before any people or cars were out and about I took a clean, flat-skyed (archival even), photo of the barn and then set to work realizing our creation.



ArmRemovalOn this last one, we wanted to get an image showing the size differences of the three girls.  The youngest was still a few months from standing on her own so we improvised, with a disappearing act.


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