Travis Wright Fitness PhotographerIt recently became obvious that I need an “about me” page.  A television casting agent called me and explained he was gearing up for a reality show that would need fitness personalities for both on camera and convention type work.  After 5 minutes of really odd conversation it became apparent that he thought I was one of the athletes showcased on this site, and was trying to get me on camera.  I had to explain I was the one behind the lens, but I would quite happily put him in touch with whichever athlete he was seeking.

Hi, I’m Travis.  I’m a photographer based in Franklin NC.  I’m not pictured anywhere else on this site.  If you would like to get in contact with any of the athletes or models posted here let me know and I will gladly get you in touch with them.  If you are looking for a photographer to produce images similar to what you find here, then I’m your man.

If you’d like to contact me about working together:

Email: travisvwright@gmail.com

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